FutureWindow – On our way to healing


Devotional – 45 daily journeys towards healing

Very few people escape life unscathed. To be wounded does not disqualify you for life, but it would not be wise to deny your brokenness.
In this devotional Annes Nel invites you to follow the way to healing to the end. Sometimes this journey will make you feel uncomfortable; other times it may even cause you pain. But it will bring forth fruit in abundance.
For God understands broken people, and in his presence you will healing.

Also available in Afrikaans (ToekomsVenster – Op pad na heelheid)
ToekomsVenster – Volg Jesus
ToekomsVenster – Die keuses wat ek maak
ToekomsVenster – Ons behoort aan mekaar


SUB TITLE: Devotional – 45 daily journeys towards healing


PAGES: 120

SUMMARY: FutureWindow is a five-year plan to equip the body of Christ on our journey together towards 2020.

It helps congregations, groups and individuals to focus on the challenges we will have to overcome now and in the future. It leads believers on a road towards healing while their eyes are fixed on the world God loves so much.

The different themes were chosen specifically to help and guide believers to think and believe in a new way.

Organiser FutureWindow: Jannie Pelser
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.futurewindow.co.za
Tel: 011 665 2017 (Drienie)

Please also visit: toekomsvenster.bybelmedia.org.za

DVD available for small groups – 011 665 2017 (Drienie)

Week 1: Broken
Week 2: Healed people know: God makes us whole
Week 3: Healed people know: Jesus heals us
Week 4: Healed people know: The Holy Spirit heals us
Week 5: Healed in fellowship
Week 6: Healed people have wisdom
Week 7: Healed people are disciplined
Week 8: Healed people have a single vision
Week 9: Healed people have a social conscience

Annes Nel is currently a minister in Northern Ireland. He is the author and co-author of 20 books, and he has translated 3 books, among others Dietrich Bonnhoeffer’s The cost of discipleship. Annes has a passion to make people aware that the church is a safe place for broken people for every person has a place in the heart of God.

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