Welcome to Lightville, where everyone belongs! Join us on a journey filled with light, laughter, and love. Our vibrant characters will guide you through life, helping both adults and children navigate its challenges with faith. In Lightville, you’ll discover:
  • New perspectives on life’s experiences.
  • Meaningful conversations between people of all ages.
  • Emotional growth and understanding.
  • Empowerment for parents to discuss both tough times and exciting opportunities with their children.
  • A safe space for children to explore and validate their own experiences.
Let Lightville inspire you to live as people of the Light, finding your place in God’s creation. We’re thrilled to have you here!
Experience an adventurous reading journey with our Lightville Series! For young readers, each book filled with fun and adventures.



Sofia en die grot: Kyk in die oë van die mense vir wie jy lief is


Die klip in Lisa se borskas: Die liefde gaan nooit weg nie


Ben en die drakie: Hoe om jou drakie mak te maak


Kolle en die gif: Die liefde is sterker as bangwees


Sophia and the cave: Look into the eyes of the people you love


The stone in Lisa’s chest: Love never goes away


Ben and the dragon: How to tame your dragon


Spot and the poison: Love is stronger than fear
Here everyone is welcome. Yes, children of all ages who live life to the fullest. This means we live with light, laughter and love. The colourful characters of Lightville will lead us through life. They will help adults and children to talk about difficult subjects, the challenges of life and faith. The stories happening in Lightville can help us in so many ways:

  • It gives us new ways to think about the experiences in our lives.
  • It makes conversations possible between people of different ages who might not know how to talk to one another about some things that happened.
  • It encourages emotional integration.
  • It empowers parents to talk to their children about the difficult experiences in life and about the exciting possibilities it creates.
  • It gives children the chance to explore their own experiences.
  • It confirms to children that their experiences are valid.
Lightville is a place where people can experience what it means to be people of the Light with honesty and integrity. The characters of Lightville will help you find your place in God’s creation.
It is so good to have you here with us.


Lisa is eight years old. Lisa loves riding her bicycle and collecting pretty little stones. Lisa lives with her brother, Ben, and their mommy.


Ben is six years old. Ben loves drawing pictures of trees. Ben and his sister, Lisa, goes to the same school.


Grandma is a wise woman and she loves Lisa and Ben with her whole heart. Grandma always listens when Lisa or Ben wants to talk to her about something bothering them.


One day Mommy and Grandma brings home a surprise for Lisa and Ben – a puppy named Spot. Lisa and Ben love playing with Spot in the park.


Sophia the Owl is very old. Sophia is also very wise. She has sharp eyes, even in the dark. Sophia can see things others cannot see. You cannot hide anything from Sophia.
Click and download THE colouring picture for the little ones to enjoy.
Download these easy patterns to make your own Lisa, Ben and Spot.

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